FoTRRIS project kicks off

The kick off meeting of FoTRRIS was held from 20-22 October 2015 officially marking the start of the  project.

The seven partners met in Brussels to discuss the work to be performed during the 28 months of the project.  The main, common goal  of the consortium is to  foster a transition towards responsible research and innovation systems and to develop a particular vision on Responsible Research and Innovation: co-Responsible Research and Innovation.

The project will successively:

  • Build on existing definitions of Responsible Research and Innovation to define a co-RRI concept, emphasising the importance of the collaborative nature.
  • Develop an online platform backed up by co-RRI knowledge arenas in order to support a transition of the R&I system to responsible RRI system. The co-RRI hub will consist of experts that will assist various stakeholders in designing and implementing co-RRI projects. The online platform will be both a tool to support the making and development of co-RRI projects and a repository of information on RRI and co-RRI, so as to offer the means for any interested organisation to engage into RRI and co-RRI.
  • Test its co-RRI concept as well as its online platform and hub in five transition experiments located in Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Italy and Spain, where various stakeholders will work on designing co-RRI projects related to resource scarcity.

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