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Mainstreaming RRI!

Mainstreaming RRI! University College in Ghent that participated in the Flemish

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FoTRRIS Outreach workshop Flanders

On 7 September the Flemish partner organised an Outreach workshop in

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FoTRRIS Outreach Workshop in Spain

On 19 June, Spanish Competence Cell (CC) members in cooperation with

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FoTRRIS at Ethics by Design workshop at PRIMA 2017 conference

Juan Pavón, from UCM, presented the FoTRRIS project at the workshop

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FoTRRIS presented at Summer School “Towards Responsible Research and Innovation”

Juan Pavón, from UCM, presented the FoTRRIS project at the Summer School

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FoTRRIS participates in the SIS-RRI conference

FoTRRIS participates in the SIS-RRI: Science, Innovation and Society: achieving

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FoTRRIS  Back Casting Exercise

Today big societal challenges are at the forefront of the political agenda. The

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Austrian Outreach/Validation Workshop

To broaden the outreach of the Co-RRI transition experiment of FoTRRIS in

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The FoTRRIS online platform is now directly available from the FoTRRIS

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Feedback of the Hungarian Transition Experiment

As part of FoTRRIS, ESSRG explored the possibilities for local economic

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FoTRRIS participates in Right to the Future event

The FoTRRIS – Foster Transition towards Responsible Research and Innovation

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Overview of the Hungarian Transition Experiment

ESSRG (Environmental Social Science Research Group) Ltd, the Hungarian partner

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2nd workshop of the Austrian Transition Experiment

In Austria, the second FoTRRIS workshop at IFZ ( took place on March

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RRI towards a different kind of growth

Listen to RRI being presented as a key element of the transition to a different

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Launch of the Austrian Transition Experiment

The Austrian FoTRRIS team launched on 15 February a series of workshops at IFZ

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Definitions of RRI debated during EWI-focus on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)”event

On 6th of September 2016 the FoTRRIS project and its concept was presented in

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Can RRI do the trick?

PRESS RELEASE The EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) was hosted this year by

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FoTRRIS: on the way to Responsible Research and Innovation through transitional experiments

The second consortium meeting of the FoTRRIS project was held from 11-13 May

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FoTRRIS presented at ‘II RRI Tools Madrid Symposium’

On 30 May 2016, the II RRI Tools Madrid Symposium was held at the Faculty of

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FoTRRIS at RRI Conference: RRI the problematic Quest for “Right” impacts

Marian Deblonde, FoTRRIS Project Coordinator, was invited on behalf of Dave

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Responsible research and innovation: building knowledge arenas for glocal sustainability research

Article authored by FoTRRIS Coordinator, Marian Deblonde ABSTRACT “In

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FoTRRIS attends Go4 final conference

Both  Zoltan Bajmocy from ESSRG (Hungary) and Marian Deblonde from VITO

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Austrian FoTRRIS partners attend RRI workshop in Vienna

On 12 February 2016 the Austrian partners of the FoTRRIS team attended a

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FoTRRIS attends “Shaping the RRI Toolkit – Experts Meeting” on 19-20 Nov 2015

The RRI Tools project is building a set of practical resources to disseminate,

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FoTRRIS project kicks off

The kick off meeting of FoTRRIS was held from 20-22 October 2015 officially

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FoTRRIS & related events

15 November 2017: Responsible Research and Innovation in Practice, organised by FoTRRIS partner IFZ – More information >
20-22 November 2017: International FairShares Labs School – Applying the FairShares Model to Social Enterprise Development More information >
18 January 2018: EUA focus group on universities and public engagement – Call for expressions of interest deadline 17 November 2017
More information >
27 March 2018: FoTRRIS Final Conference in Brussels
3-5 June 2018: Second International ECSA Conference 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland More information >

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