Transition experiment

A Transition Experiment is made up of a series of workshops to test FoTRRIS’ conceptual and methodological frameworks for co-RRI. In each of the 5 countries in which these experiments take place, a competence cell (comprising FoTRRIS’ partners) invites local actors from the quadruple helix to design collaboratively a research project using the FoTRRIS frameworks. Each transition experiment works on a different theme. When the frameworks are validated and when others will have the possibility to use them in their R&I activities, the name Experiment will be replaced by Arena.

FoTRRIS partner ESSRG has worked for several years with the Transition Town movement in Wekerle, Budapest. Knowing well this local community, they decided to withdraw from the competence cell and let Wekerle’s actors take on this role. The transition experiment intended to provide Wekerle with a viable local economic development.


Local economic development strategy workshop