FoTRRIS at RRI Conference: RRI the problematic Quest for “Right” impacts

Marian Deblonde, FoTRRIS Project Coordinator, was invited on behalf of Dave Guston (Arizona State University), Andoni Ibarra (University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU) and Andoni Eizagirre (Mondragon University) to the conference Responsible Research and Innovation – RRI the Problematic Quest for “Right” Impacts, held in Donostia, San Sebastian (Basque Country – Spain) from 10-11 March 2016.

This event was co-organised by the Sánchez-Mazas Chair (UPV/EHU) and the Virtual Institute of Responsible Innovation (VIRI) at the Arizona State University.

Topics discussed at this conference included:

  • how to connect RRI to sustainability
  • how to integrate RRI into the lab
  • RRI discourse as a way to articulate and stabilise the division of the moral labour aspect of our social order (Rip 1981)
  • public responses and narrative underpinnings as signals to improve the conversation between today and tomorrow
  • the relation between quantification and RRI
  • RRI and empowerment of currently marginalised groups
  • RRI as a collective experimentation
  • concerns about the credibility of the concept
  • is RRI compatible with the missions of universities acting within a global competitive context and dominated by a neo-liberal narrative with a focus on techno-economic innovation

More information on the conference

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