The Final FoTRRIS Conference took place on 27 March 2018 at LA TRICOTERIE, Brussels. The conference was fully booked and more than 90 participants from EU countries (Belgium, Spain, Italy, Hungary, France, Poland, Sweden, Lithuania, etc.)  joined it to discuss how to create truly inclusive R&I system.

It was an action oriented conference, bringing together R&I institutions, business organisations, civil society organisations and policymakers to discuss future of RRI on EU landscape, to hear FoTRRIS stories about transition experiments, to participate in breakout sessions, during which the main FoTRRIS results and materials for uptake were presented (project guide on how to co-create RRI projects, online co-creation platform, knowledge vouchers, etc.), and to create stronger links between participants who support common co-creation initiatives to overcome big challenges. Moreover, during networking breaks all participants had opportunity to know representatives of local Competence Cells (CC), established by project partners (VITO, ESSRG, IFZ, UCM and CESIE). The Cells aim to facilitate the realisation of RRI activities in partner countries based on real co-created R&I projects and to promote RRI at local, regional and national levels, fostering transition of R&I into RRI systems.

We are thankful to all participants for their active participation and feedbacks, and we would like to add that FoTRRIS is not finished, it starts his new stage – stage of Competence Cells! You are welcome to contact FoTRRIS consortium by email: and to know more about the CCs and their action plans and meantime, we would like to share with you moments of the Final Conference:

Ps. Thank you, Hannes Couvreur, for your special contribution to this Conference – shooting portrait photos of our participants! (Instagram: @superblyhuman)


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