FoTRRIS participates in the SIS-RRI conference

FoTRRIS participates in the SIS-RRI: Science, Innovation and Society: achieving Responsible Research and Innovation conference

UCM and CESIE presented a common article “Developing RRI practices: the role of ICT in Stakeholders’ Knowledge Exchange and Co-Creation Processes” at the SIS-RRI Conference which was held in Rome on 25-26 September 2017.

“The conference’s overall aim is to establish, organise and activate a Responsible Research and Innovation community which involves scientists and societal actors working together during the whole research and innovation process with the common goals of aligning both the process and its outcomes with the values, needs and expectations of the society and integrating citizens visions, needs and desires into science and innovation.” []

The RRI-SIS2017 was organised in the frame of the H2020 MARINA project (GA No. 710566) and involved scientists, societal actors and the industry sector to actively debate on RRI and targeting several topics:

  • Governance, Public engagement and Inclusion in the responsible R&D and Innovation process;
  • RRI actions in science education and communication;
  • Gender and Ethical issues in RRI initiatives;
  • Application of RRI to Innovation Ecosystems, business, industries and services;
  • Sustainability of RRI processes.

Visit conference website:  List of accepted papers and find out more RRI practices in Europe.

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