Mainstreaming RRI! University College in Ghent that participated in the Flemish Outreach workshop, makes the SDGs the main focus of their research agenda.

On Thursday 26 October, Anne Snick, member of the Flemish FoTRRIS team, ran an inspirational workshop for a mixed group of 45 students, teachers and administrators of HoGent, a university college in Ghent with over 15 000 students. She co-facilitated with Sander Van Parijs, a collaborator of Muntuit, a CSO that also participated in the Outreach workshop and helps us to explore alternative valorisation systems for the cocreation of knowledge.

After an introduction on the systemic approach needed for tackling complex challenges, the participants were invited to cocreate project proposals for their own school. Groups of about six to eight participants with backgrounds in administration, economics, technical disciplines and social sciences brainstormed together. After about twenty minutes they all came up with very creative and ambitious projects. The aim, in the words of one of the participants, is “to make HoGent not just a place where students come to learn about sustainability, but a sustainable community in itself”. Another proposal was to give students credits for their portfolio of ‘sustainable actions’, in the same way they earn credits for international exchanges today. The organisers and participants were very enthusiastic about the empowering effect of doing CO-RRI.

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