Sharing RRI values and frameworks with UCM students

On October 9th 2018 Anne Snick, a member of the FoTRRIS consortium, gave a guest lecture in a course on “Communication and Responsible R&I”. This course was launched in September 2018 at Complutense University Madrid (UCM)  as a result of the H2020-project FoTRRIS;  it is now a mandatory part of the Master in Social Communication.

The group consisted of 48 students, 2/3 of whom from China, about 10 from Latin-America and some from Spain.

The students learned that the conceptual framing of a problem determines the methodological framework, and this in turn influences the choice of tools and methods. To understand the ‘systemic’ framing of complex challenges FoTRRIS proposes, they were presented with some games that allowed them to grasp the meaning of complexity and the need to critically question ‘non-complexity’ assumptions underlying current research.

They actively discussed the unforeseen impacts of research and innovation that does not take systemic non-linear complexity into account, and critically explored how the FoTRRIS framework could be applicable in the specific context of their home region.

After this introduction the students worked in small groups to brainstorm on possible CO-RRI projects to make their campus more sustainable. For the rest of the semester they will work together on one of these proposals (viz. recycling on campus).

This course should allow the students to become CO-RRI facilitators and ambassadors in their home country. Hopefully this will also result in the creation of more tools to support the work of the Ibero-American Association for RRI which UCM has launched.

Additional information:  Summary of the course

By: Anne Snick

AB member of H2020 project FoTRRIS – Fostering the Transition towards Responsible R&I Systems

SAPIRR – Systems Approach of Public Innovation and Responsible Research

Board member Club of Rome – EU Chapter

Fonds Arne Loosveldt

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